Fruit Tray Production Machine

Fruit tray production machine

With more than 20 years of brilliant experience in launching PP and PS disposable container production machines, Yarasanat company is ready to provide free consultation services (by phone or face-to-face) about supplying and manufacturing different fruit tray production machines, seedling tray production machines and plastic dental tray production machines.

Depending on our customers’ order, our production line can be set to produce single-row or double-row trays. The typical fruit trays available in market are generally made of PS machines. However, PP machines, depending on customers’ order, could produce them.

During machine delivery process, a set of molds is delivered to customers too. The number of rows and the size of molds are produced in accordance with machine size and customers’ order. Obviously, additional molds can be ordered, if necessary.

All machines have a one-year warranty with after-sales services.

Fruit Tray Production Machine

This department provides professional services including repairing, launching, supporting and training all machines associated with production lines for thermo-forming and semi-forming disposable containers, different sheet makers, different foam disposable containers, fruit trays, seedling trays and dental trays.