Granulate Machine

Granulate Machine

Granule production process

Granulate Machine

Plastic granules are small plastic balls that are poured into different plastic forming machines where they are converted to different objects. Plastic forming machines, including extrusion and injection lines, are manufactured in a manner that the input raw materials are better to be small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials with sheet form or sharp corners could not be easily used in the input funnel of these machines. In addition, after mixing process they yield heterogeneous shape due to the non-uniformity of their size compared to other materials. Therefore, the consumers of these materials prefer to purchase materials to form of small plastic granules like new materials. This is done by a line called the Granular Production Line.

Granule production lines work in two ways:

  • Water-cooled strand granule production line

Water-cooled strand granulation is a method in which plastic parts melt in an extruder, pass through metallic filters, and get the form of molten plastic strands. Then, they pass through a water pool and directed to a small grinding machine where they are crushed and dry. This is a simple technique but the produced granules are not similar to the granules of new raw materials and have sharp corners and plastic content. Moreover, the production line, itself, is not stable, the strands are cut, and the production line needs full-time operators.

  • Air-cooled granule production line

In this technique, crushed plastics melt in an extruder, pass through a filter and leave it through fine orifices. Then, they are cut with a high-speed blade in molten state, and simultaneously, are sucked by a sucker and pass through cold tubes and dry. Next, they enter a big tank and experience pressure drop. Under the influence of this pressure drop, heavy granules fall to the bottom of the tank and air discharges from the top of the tank.

The manufacturing of these machines demands high accuracy where different remote controls should be used in different parts of the machines. Moreover, the price of production line is high. Instead, the produced granules are very similar to the granules purchased from petrochemical company. The production line, itself, is completely stable during working.

  • Nylon/film granule production line

There is another type of granulator machines, which can be in the form of Watercooled or air-cooled granulators. These machines are generally used to produce granules from nylon or sacks. They are called nylon/film granulator because there is no need to grind nylon or sacks before granulation process and all wastes are wholly poured into the machine. This is why these machines can be easily operated.

All water-cooled strand granules, air-cooled granules and nylon/film granules are produced with art of the state technologies in this company. The processes of sending machines to neighboring countries and initial training, installing and launching will be up to Yarasanat.