Yarasanat provides services associated with installing and launching production lines and production services:

1- Installing and launching production lines

تعمیر تزریق پلاستیک

Our professional personnel are ready to provide full services associated with repairing, training, installing and launching the following machines in neighboring countries i.e. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan):

  • Different plastic injection and blow injection molding machines including pipe manufacturing machines (Electrical conduit, U-PVC pipes, Drop irrigation pipe and Corrugated pipe)
  • Different nylon production and shopping bag machines
  • Thermo-forming and forming disposable container production machines
  • Disposable paper glass and container production machines
  • Seedling tray production machines
  • Fruit tray production machines
  • Granulator machine
  • Blower machines

Launching all Iranian, Chinese and European production lines and machineries and supplying and starting-up auxiliary machines including chiller, compressor, Dehumidifier, plastic molds and mills are other services of our industrial group.

2- Product production

تولید و خدمات تزریق پلاستیک

Relying on more than one decade of experience in producing different plastic parts, including vehicle parts, appliances, toys, kitchen tools and blowing parts, Yarasanat is ready to provide its services to its customers. Having updated equipment and experienced staff, its possessing unit is able to produce high-quality parts within the shortest possible time.

Our production department has acquired Ministry Of Health License from relevant authorities. Having this possibility, it is ready to produce all blowing parts up to the capacity of 20 liters, and all injection parts up to the capacity of 20 grams to 1500 grams. Furthermore, it can manufacture dehumidifier and paint mixers for producing high-sensitive industrial parts.

In addition, our molding and test department is ready to produce molds for all parts of our customers. The molds can be designed in accordance with a prototype sample, image & drawing of piece or based on customers’ idea.

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