Disposable Containers Production Line

Disposable containers production Line

Generally, all disposable containers are divided in two categories: semi-forming (PS) and thermo-forming (PP). They differ in consuming materials, production stages and price. In all disposable container production machines the raw material melt and then are formed into sheets and get different shapes via pressing and shaping processes. In semi-forming machines, all above-mentioned stages are integrated and the consuming material is polystyrene (PS). These machines generally produce fragile containers. However, these machines produce majority of disposable containers, including bowls, cups, dishes and mushroom container. The reason is the low price of semi-forming machines compared to forming-machines. Since the containers are fragile and harmful, especially in dealing with hot, these machines are not recommended for producing disposable glasses.

Polypropylene (PP) is the main consuming material of forming machines. These machines are composed of two parts: sheet making and pressing (containers production). Therefore, in addition to selling the final product of these machines, the produced sheets could be used in different industries. Since propylene is flexible and is not harmful to human body, disposable glasses are currently made by thermo-forming machines.

It should be noted that conventional plastic injection machines are used to produce disposable forks & spoons & knives and thick disposable containers such as trays, dessert and ice cream containers and so forth. The only difference is the changeability of molds by which the containers can be produced in different models and cavities (number of products in each press) in accordance with customers’ order.

Kinds of disposable containers production Lines:

  • Semi-forming (PS) disposable container production machine
  • Forming (PP) disposable container production machine
  • Sheet making machine
  • Fruit tray production machine
  • Seedling tray production machine
  • Dental tray production machine