Pipe Production Machines

Pipe Production Machines

PVC electrical conduit production process:

دستگاه تولید لوله پلیکای برق

Raw materials are poured into the extruder machine in granule form where they melt (paste shape) by heating. The molten material is pushed forward by a screw and enters to the mold after leaving the extruder. When the material leaves the mold head, it is cooled inside a salt bath via layers of cold water. The produced PVC tube is gradually extruded by an extruder from the cooling bath and is cut in considered sizes. All production processes are automatically completed in the machines.

Our machines produce single-layer and dual-layer conduits. Machines for producing dual-layer conduits are composed of two screw and cylinders.

All machines are delivered with molds in three standard sizes: 13, 16 and 21. Additional molds could be ordered, if necessary. All machines are equipped with a 3-axis gearbox and screw cylinders are manufactured from hard alloys. All machines have a one-year warranty with after-sales services. Initial trainings, installing and launching operations in the location of buyers (all countries) will be up to Yarasanat.

Pipe production machines

With more than one decade of experience in manufacturing different machines for producing PVC pipes, electrical conduits, drop irrigation pipes and hoses, Yarasanat is ready to provide its services to its customers in all neighboring countries.

Fittings production machine

pipe fittings

Fittings are manufactured through the conventional plastic injection machines where only molds are changed. The fittings are produced in accordance with customers’ order and in different cavities (number of products in each strike).