Corrugated Pipe Production Machine


Corrugated pipe production machine

According to the technical considerations of the power system of buildings, electrical wires should not be directly placed inside walls. Instead, they should be placed in electricity-isolated ducts. These are the corrugated pipe tubes. They are called so due to their appearance as they are produced in the form of accordion tubes. In addition to maintaining the texture and stiffness, this shape makes it possible to bend them by hand and to direct wires inside walls proportional to wiring direction. Building industry and furniture industry are the main consumers of these pipes.

These machines are manufactured in 36, 50 and 60-mold sizes, depending on customers’ order. All machines are equipped with a 3-axis gearbox where screw and cylinder are made of hard alloys. All machines have a one-year warranty with after-sales services. Initial training, installing and launching operations in the location of buyers (all countries) will be up to Yarasanat.