Hemp Nylon manufacturing machine

Hemp Nylon manufacturing machine

With over 20 years of experience in the field of importing and producing plastic machinery, with a specialist and technical staff, and cooperating with the world’s leading brands, the industrial group has been serving the artisans of Iran to provide advanced machinery for the best brands and developments in the business environment. And work. The Hubble Nylon production unit supplied by this group with the highest qualitative standards of the world has the ability to produce in various sizes and capacities, along with pneumatic shafts, auto loader materials, full-invertors, RissiCell, three 10-20-cylinder cylinders, 30, Autochanger and Chiller, are available in two layers, three layers and five layers.

Bubble-filled nylon has air-filled bubbles designed to pack delicate, sensitive, or breakable items such as home-made, industrial, light, heavy, sensitive, etc. High-impact and reduce injuries. Freight is used. These nylon are made of polyethylene and are available in a wide, transparent or stylized format.

Bubble Nylon is available in many different types:

۲nd Bubble Bag:

This type of bubble bag is used to package almost all non-cube shaped goods. Such as: electronic components, elevator doors, anti-theft door, porcelain and crystal, sanitary valves, industrial valves, five-seated chairs, picture frames, carpets, car spare parts (lights, mirrors, dashboards, shields and … .)

۳D Bubble Bag:

Cube shaped bubble bag for packing of all goods with a regular shape and cube shape, such as:

Stove, Freezer Refrigerator, Screw Compressor, Chiller, Upholstery and File Types, File & Archives, Library, Office Furniture & Houses

Antistatic Bubble Bags

Bubble Bundles with Retirement Capability

For the packaging of delicate, susceptible or cracked goods, and any type of goods that need to be moved, from home, industrial, light, heavy, sensitive, and so on. Reducing injuries in the transportation of goods. Depending on the type of consumption for fragile and sensitive goods, smaller plastic bubbles and larger plastic bubbles are used for products that require less sensitivity and resistance.

In addition to the items mentioned for use, this product, despite the metallization layer, has the ability to reflect the heat and can be used as glass wool in the hollow of the factories. Also, with aluminum for devices with indirect heat Such as water heaters, are used as thermal insulation and play a significant role in optimizing energy consumption.

The raw material of this design is weighed to the required ratio and directed to the mixer for mixing. The material is then transferred to the extruder and is passed through the conveyor belt to the inside of the clender to thicken the polyethylene film. By passing the dryer, the film temperature decreases. Finally, the wrapped rolls are cut to the sides and the waste from the cutting is returned to the primary mill and the polyethylene film (nylon) is prepared.

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Technical Specifications:
This air crew adopts the disposable shaping craft. It is our factory that draws domestic and international advanced
technology extensively, through a large number of production practices in the production of ordinary equipment originally, develop,
design, can produce polyethylene compound bubble (cushion) membrane in succession. Designs science, practical. Rational in
structure of the machine.

Model DYF-2000 DYF-2500 DYF-3000
Suitable Raw Matorial HDPE LDPE LLDPE
Width of Production 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Total Installed Power 87KW 102KW 128KW
Cover Dimension 83. 53.5 m 843.5 m 84.55
Output 100-160Kg / h 120-190Kg / h 150-230Kg / h
Gross Weight 6T 7T 8.5 T
Screw Diameter 70mm 60mm 75mm 65mm 80mm 75mm
Screw L / D 30: 1 30: 1 30: 1
Screw Cylinder Material SACM-65 / 38CRMOLA
Driving Motor 18.5 KW 15KW 18.5 KW 15KW 22KW 18.5KW
Winding Speed ​​۱۰-۳۵m / min 10-35m / min 10-35m / min