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    Semi-Forming Machine

    Semi-Forming Machine

    Semi-forming (PS) disposable container production machine

    Semi-forming machines are only capable of producing polystyrene (PS) containers. PSs are very fragile. They are available in two forms of crystal and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) in the market.

    Semi-Forming MachineIn recent years, producing glasses by these machines has been significantly decreased due to the fragility of products. However, most consuming containers including dish, plate, cup, mushroom container and many containers of dairy products are still produced by these machines. The main reason is the low price of these machines compared to thermo-forming machines. Unlike thermo-forming machines where sheets and containers are produced in two separate machines, by molding and pressing, semi-forming machines are integrated and all production stages are conducted in one machine. This remarkably reduces price of machine and power usage.

    It should be noted, however, in Iran the price of polystyrene is slightly higher than propylene (which is generally used in thermo-forming machines). This increases the final price of products. In addition, polystyrene produce harmful and carcinogenic substances in dealing hot. These have caused semi-forming machines to be gradually replaced by thermo-forming ones in recent years.