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    Dental Tray Machine

    Dental tray machine

    Dental Tray Machine


    With more than 20 years of brilliant experience in launching polypropylene and polystyrene-made disposable container production machines, Yarasanat Company is ready to provide free consultation services (by phone or face-to-face) about supplying and manufacturing different plastic fruit tray production machines, agricultural seedling tray production machine and plastic dental tray production machines.

    Generally, PS machines make the dental trays available in market. However, upon customers’ order PP machines can produce them too. The function of PP machines is similar to fruit trays, disposable containers and seedling tray machines. All machines have one-year warranty with after-sales services. We provide different professional services including repairing, launching, supporting and training all machines associated with the production lines of forming and semi-forming disposable containers, different sheet-makers, disposable foam-made container machines, fruit tray machines, seedling tray machines and dental tray machines.

    Moreover, with a brilliant experience in exporting different machines to neighboring countries, i.e. Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan, this company is ready for making contracts with these countries. All installing, launching and training operations in destination countries will be up to Yarasanat.